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We are certified and recognized by Deptt. Of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage; Ministry of Agriculture; Govt. of India & is actively working in almost all the Area of Gujrat. 

We are a team of vibrant, technically qualified and experienced persons working in the field and office. The technical persons have got 03 years experience of working in fumigation activities, during their tenure in the Deptt. of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage . The Company is managed by a team who believe in serving their clients with the best possible services & quality.

Container Fumigation.


It can be fumigated either with Aluminium Phosphide or Methyl Bromide. 

In case of Aluminium Phosphide fumigation, the Aluminium Phosphide in the form of sachets containing granules or tablets must be applied in such a manner that it disperses quickly & distribute the Phosphine gas concentration equally. After completion of required exposure period, container must be ventilated & declared as a gas free.

Wooden pallet / packing Material 


This is very vulnerable to powder post beetle and other wood boring pests. This pest is very dangerous & difficult to manage and if any infested WPM is stored near any wooden articles can damage & cross-infest creating tremendous damage to the wood. As per guidelines of ISPM – 15, WPM should be fumigated with Methyl Bromide in compliance with IPPC mark as specified in ISPM-15.

Vessel fumigation


The general process of fumigation by Aluminium Phosphide is to distribute the naked Aluminium Phosphide tablets by applicators & other means throughout the body of the bulk or loose cargo. In case of bagged cargo, the garlands of Aluminium Phosphide sachets are hanged in the channels or gaps of the stack. Recently, J-Type system of fumigation is becoming more popular for vessel fumigation with Aluminium Phosphide.

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To Provide Efficient Fumigation Pest Control Service By

Adopting Latest Technology.