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Container Fumigation.


It can be fumigated either with Aluminium Phosphide or Methyl Bromide. 

In case of Aluminium Phosphide fumigation, the Aluminium Phosphide in the form of sachets containing granules or tablets must be applied in such a manner that it disperses quickly & distribute the Phosphine gas concentration equally. After completion of required exposure period, container must be ventilated & declared as a gas free.



Container fumigation with Methyl Bromide involved installation of fumigation equipment such as Distribution tube, Fan & Sampling tubes at each level i.e. Top back, Middle center & front base. The necessary connections are made such as Vaporizer, Applicator etc. & the required amount of gas is released and monitored during a given exposure period against government specified fumigation norms. After successful fumigation the container is degassed & declared as gas free.