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Vessel Fumigation.


The general process of fumigation by Aluminium Phosphide is to distribute the naked Aluminium Phosphide tablets by applicators & other means throughout the body of the bulk or loose cargo. In case of bagged cargo, the garlands of Aluminium Phosphide sachets are hanged in the channels or gaps of the stack. Recently, J-Type system of fumigation is becoming more popular for vessel fumigation with Aluminium Phosphide.

In case of Methyl Bromide, all efforts are made to distribute the Methyl Bromide gas in to the Hatches or holds equally at different level such as bottom, center and top by placing tube network before loading. Now a day a blower or fan is also installed in each hatch or hold for the circulation of the atmospheric air in to the hatches. This arrangement also helps in Ventilation of the hatch after the completion of the exposure period.

The use of vaporizer helps in even distribution and dispersion of the Methyl Bromide in hot gaseous state to attain the 100% mortality of the target pest. After ventilation, when the TLV is reached below 5 PPM, we examine the samples from the different areas of the hatches or holds and after satisfactory results the vessel is allowed to sail.